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VBA Training Online Course

VBA Training Online Course

The only live VBA webinar.

The only VBA class with homework to practice.

Sessions recorded for unlimited review.

Learn Excel VBA programming with a Certified Technical Trainer who has 20 years experience teaching and 40 years experience coding!

class schedules

Course Schedule

Classes return April 2023

registerLength: 20 two hour meetings
Price: $379

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What types of programs will I learn to create?
    The class teaches several algorithms, approaches to solving problems with programming. Before you can use VBA to reconcile two workbooks you need to learn a few programming fundamentals. Fundamental algorithms include:
    How to find the last row/column of data in a range.
    How to locate key columns and use named ranges.
    How to loop through a scenario.
    How to read and write from/to cells (internal) and databases (external).
    How to loop from row to row, sheet to sheet and workbook to workbook and process data with functions.
    How to reconcile data between two workbooks.
    How to communicate while a program is running and accept inputs with message boxes, input boxes and user forms.
    How to debug programs and handle errors gracefully.
    How to manage PivotTable reports.
    How to communicate with web browsers, Word, PowerPoint, and Access.
  • What topics are covered?
    Each class provides an outline – please review the PDF on each course web page and call us with specific questions
  • Are there any prerequisites?
    VBA requires you to type – alot. You should be able to type at least 20 words per minute – with reasonable accuracy – or learning to program will be difficult.
  • Is there practice?
    Yes, each class includes homework to practice.

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Call 212-828-7089


Did We Mention?

checklistUnique Benefits

Includes a 520 page user guide with hundreds of illustrations and hundreds of examples.

*Exclusive: Students also receive unlimited online access to our video library of an Excel class for you to review at your own pace. We also provide all the files used in the class on our website, including a searchable PDF and sample Excel tests.

why excel class

Why Excel Class NYC

Having taught at most New York City computer training facilities your instructor found that all courses were lacking. Students could not retain the volume of information presented, and there was not enough time for meaningful hands-on practice. Our curriculum is custom developed by your certified instructor following Microsoft guidelines for maximum learning and retention.

contact excel class

Contact Excel Class

To learn more about Excel training in New York City please call 212.828.7089 or visit our contact page.

VBA Online OutlineView the VBA Online outline

  • Day 1: Advanced Excel Review
    • Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
      • Navigation
    • Enable Macro Security Settings
    • Zoom
    • Formulas
    • Absolute Reference
    • Autofill
    • Data Filters
      • Extract Uniques
    • Subtotal Function
    • Sort
      • Single Column vs. Multiple Columns
    • Subtotal Data
      • Goto Special
    • Freeze Panes vs Table
    • Named Ranges
    • Vlookup
    • Index Match
  • Day 2: Advanced Excel Features
    • If Functions
      • IfError
      • If Then Else
      • SumIfs
      • CountIfs
    • Formula Auditing
    • Database Functions
    • Text Functions
    • Array Formulas
    • Pivot Tables
  • Day 3: Macros, The VB Editor, Debugging
    • Anatomy of a Program
    • Call Statements
    • Record a Macro
    • Save As Macro Enabled
    • Assign Macros to Shapes
    • Edit a Macro
      • VB Editor
    • Debug a Macro
    • Modules
    • Procedures
    • Show The Developer Tab
    • Properties and Methods
  • Day 4: Introduction to VBA Programming