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Excel Dashboards

Excel Dashboards

Excel DashboardsAdvanced Excel class students often ask: “What is the next level?”. After class I ask students to study another 16 hours and I provide homework links to pursue. Even so, the topics are complex and most students do not internalize these features.

The advanced Excel training teaches many important topics independently: If functions, SumIfs functions, named ranges, data validation, PivotTables, scenarios, macros, etc. However the class lacks time to tie all these topics together. Enter the Excel Dashboards course. This class ties together all these topics and teaches you to combine 12-15 functions in a formula, and then ties these formulas to ActiveX form controls. If you want to become and Excel expert, then this class is highly recommended!

The training offered by Glenn Harris at NYC Training is unparalleled and unique, no other course teaches this level of expertise with Excel. If you consider yourself an Excel geek you might describe this course as “mind blowing”.

class schedules

Course Schedules

July 24th 9am
August 1st 10am
August 21st 9am
August 23rd 10am

Register 4 or more students for a discount – Choose one full day or two half days
registerLength: 1 full day
Price: $249

Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

  • What time does class start?
    Weekday classes start at 9am
    Weekend classes start at 10am
  • Do I need to bring a computer?
    We provide a Windows computer.
  • Do I receive a certificate?
    Yes, upon completion you will receive an attractive gold foil certificate.
  • Are there any prerequisites?
    Ability to use a mouse and a keyboard. Familiarity with advanced Excel Index Match functions helpful.
  • Where are you located?
    31 West 34th StreetNear Penn Station, NJ Transit, and the N, Q, R, W, B, D, F, 1, 2, 3, A, C, E trains.
  • Can I retake the class?
    Yes, where most training has a time and retake limit we offer unlimited retakes.

About The Instructor

Glenn Harris is a Microsoft Certified Technical Trainer and Office Master Instructor with 20 years of classroom experience. He has published many training manuals on Microsoft products. NYC Training is the only class that offers programmed self-assessment labs and online access to videos of Glenn teaching class (to himself).
microsoft certified trainer
microsoft office master
certified technical trainer

Course Topics



And Calendar Control
Cells.Address Charts
CountA Chart Forecast
Day Charts – Dynamic
Eomonth Checkbox Controls
GetPivotData Conditional Formatting
If Data Validation
IfError Image controls
Index Match As SumIfs Criteria Macros
Index Match Match Named Ranges
Indirect Option Button Controls
IsBlank Scenarios
Match Spinner Controls
Month Tables
Offset with Array Formulas
SumIfs/CountIfs/AverageIfs – One Criteria
SumIfs/CountIfs/AverageIfs – Two Criteria
SumIfs/CountIfs/AverageIfs – Three Criteria
SumIfs With Index Match
Excel Dashboards
Excel Class, 31 West 34th Street,New York City,New York-10001
Starting on
July 24, 2020
Ending on
July 24, 2020
Learn to combine complex functions, ActiveX controls, and macros to create interactive dashboards that summarize complex Excel data.
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