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Photoshop Training

Photoshop Training

PhotoshopAdobe Photoshop is the Adobe Creative Suite application used to create and edit raster art (pixel based images). Students receive the Adobe Photoshop Classroom in a Book.

class schedules

Course Schedules

Classes resume April 2023
Register 4 or more students for a discount
registerLength: 18 Hours
Price: $625 Virtual Online, $875 In Person

Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

  • Do I receive a certificate?
    Yes, upon completion you will receive an attractive gold foil certificate.
  • Are there any prerequisites?
    Ability to use a mouse and a keyboard.

About The Instructor

Glenn Harris is a Certified Technical Trainer and Adobe Master Instructor with 20 years of classroom experience. He has published many training manuals.
certified technical trainer
adobe certified photoshop instructor
adobe certified instructor web specialist

Photoshop Outline

pdf outlineDownload a PDF

  • Getting to Know the Work Area
    • Start Photoshop
    • Open a file
    • Using the tools
    • Select and use a tool from the Tools panel
    • Brighten an image
    • Sample a color
    • Work with tools and tool properties
    • Undo actions in Photoshop
    • Panels and panel locations
  • Basic Photo Corrections
    • Strategy for retouching
    • Organize an efficient sequence of tasks
    • Adjusting your process for different intended uses
    • Resolution and image size
    • Open a file with Adobe Bridge
    • Straighten and crop the image
    • Adjust the color and tone
    • Using the Spot Healing Brush tool
    • Apply a content-aware patch
    • Repair areas with the Clone Stamp tool
    • Sharpen the image
  • Work with Selections
    • Use the Quick Selection tool
    • Move a selected area
    • Manipulate selections
    • Reposition a selection marquee while creating it
    • Move selected pixels with a keyboard shortcut
    • Move a selection with the arrow keys
    • Use the Magic Wand tool
    • Select with the lasso tools
    • Rotate a selection
    • Select with the Magnetic Lasso tool
    • Select from a center point
    • Resize and copy a selection
    • Resize the contents of a selection
    • Move and duplicate a selection
    • Crop an image
  • Layer Basics
    • About layers
    • Use the Layers panel
    • Rename and copy a layer
    • View individual layers
    • Add a border to a layer
    • Rearrange layers
    • Change the opacity of a layer
    • Duplicate a layer and change the blending mode
    • Resize and rotate layers
    • Using a filter to create artwork
    • Add a new layer
    • Add text
    • Apply a gradient to a layer
    • Apply a layer style
    • Add an adjustment layer
    • Update layer effects
    • Add a border
    • Flatten and saving files
  • Quick Fixes
    • Improve a snapshot
    • Correct red eye
    • Brighten an image
    • Adjust facial features with Liquify
    • Blur a background
    • Create a panorama
    • Fill empty areas when cropping
    • Correct image distortion
    • Extend depth of field
    • Move objects with the Content-Aware Move tool
    • Adjust perspective in an image
  • Masks and Channels
    • Work with masks and channels
    • Use Select and Mask
    • Refine a mask
    • Adjust Global Refinements
    • Complete the mask
    • Create a quick mask
    • Manipulate an image with Puppet Warp
    • Use an alpha channel to create a shadow
  • Typographic Design
    • Create a clipping mask from type
    • Add guides to position type
    • Add point type
    • Make a clipping mask and apply a shadow
    • Create type on a path
    • Warp point type
    • Design paragraphs of type
    • Use guides for positioning
    • Add paragraph type from a sticky note
    • Add a rounded rectangle shape
    • Add vertical text
  • Vector Drawing Techniques
    • About bitmap images and vector graphics
    • About paths and the Pen tool
    • Draw with the Pen tool
    • Draw a straight line
    • Draw curves
    • Draw more complex shapes
    • Trace a shape from a photo
    • Add a second shape to a path
    • Work with defined custom shapes
    • Convert a path to a shape
    • Change the fill color of a shape layer
    • Subtract shapes from a shape layer
    • Import a Smart Object
    • Add color and depth to a shape using layer styles
  • Advanced Compositing
    • Arrange layers
    • Use Smart Filters
    • Apply the Liquify filter
    • Position other layers
    • Edit a Smart Filter
    • Paint a layer
    • Add a background
    • Use the History panel to undo edits
    • Apply filters and effects
    • Undo multiple steps
    • Upscale a low-resolution image
  • Paint with the Mixer Brush
    • About the Mixer Brush
    • Select brush settings
    • Experiment with wetness options and brushes
    • Mix colors
    • Mix colors with a photograph
    • Load custom brush presets
    • Create a custom brush preset
    • Paint and mix colors with brush presets
  • Work with Camera Raw
    • About camera raw files
    • Process files in Camera Raw
    • Open images in Camera Raw
    • Adjust white balance
    • Make tonal adjustments in Camera Raw
    • Apply sharpening
    • Synchronize settings across images
    • Save Camera Raw changes
    • Apply advanced color correction
    • Adjust the white balance in Camera Raw
    • Adjust levels
    • Edit the saturation
    • Use the healing brush tools to remove blemishes
    • Enhance an image using the Dodge and Sponge tools
    • Adjust skin tones
    • Apply surface blur